HR Consulting

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with TandT Academy's comprehensive HR Consulting Services. We are your strategic partner in achieving organizational excellence through effective HR management. Here's a glimpse of what we offer:

- Streamline HR processes and implement HRMS
- Identify and onboard key personnel
- Develop future-focused HR policies
-Hassle-free payroll processing and tax compliance
- Expertise in salary structuring and bonuses
- Timely payments to payroll creditors
- In-depth job analysis and alignment
- Precise job requirements and descriptions
- Detailed job specifications
- Strategic alignment of goals and customized programs
- Clear rating definitions and responsibilities
- Tailored wage structures and salary equity
- Linking future performance to organizational goals
- Budget control and talent attraction
- Effective incentive plans linked to valued behaviours
- Fair and challenging standards with simple formulas
- Tailored benefit plans including pension and health benefits
- Time-off programs for employees' well-being
- Policy and procedure development
- Comprehensive training and grievance management
- CCMA representation
- Transformation and diversity support
- Achievable targets and EE plans
- Compliance with Employment Equity regulations

T&T Academy is 100% black female owned and a level 1 contributor with a 135%
Procurement Recognition.


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