• Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We provide training and consulting services to help organisations create a more inclusive workplace culture.

  • Work Place Readiness Training

We helps interns and learners by facilitating knowledge, attitudes, values and skills pertaining to personal development, social awareness and the world of work, resulting in the readiness for the demands of the world of work among young individuals.

Training Services

T&T Academy is an accredited training provider that offers customised training solutions to help organisations upskill their workforce and stay ahead of the competition. Our training programs cover a wide range of topics and are delivered by industry experts.

Our services include
  • Leadership Development

We help leaders at all levels to enhance their skills and capabilities to drive success for their teams and organisation.

  • Technical Training

We offer training in the latest technologies and methodologies to help your employees stay ahead of the curve.

To educate both the employer and employees on the laws and regulations applicable to their job function or industry to avoid hefty fines instituted by the law Mostly it will be law in place to maintain safety, well being and the dignity of the employees in the workplace.


T&T Academy is 100% black female owned and a level 1 contributor with a 135%
Procurement Recognition.


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